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Encore Updates Clinical Development of E-7869 in Cancer


Encore Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Loma Linda, California; April 10, 2000


Encore Pharmaceuticals Inc. (EPI), a start-up company focused on anti-neoplastic pharmaceuticals, announces issuance of two U.S. Patents (17 years) for the R-aryl propionic acids. Patent No. 5,955,504 covers treatment and chemoprevention of neoplastic disease and No. 5,981,592 covers cystic fibrosis. Use patents claiming these compounds for Alzheimer's Disease and inflammation are pending.

Important experimental work supporting the cancer treatment and chemoprevention patent appears in two recent publications. The effects of the company's lead drug candidate, E-7869 (R-flurbiprofen), on survival of the Min mouse, a model of Familial Polyposis Coli (FAP) in man, are reported in Life Sciences (66 (8), 745-753, 2000). This paper reports the drug to essentially cure Min mice of the intestinal lesions (adenomas), which are precursors of colon cancer. The dose regimen used in these experimental studies suggests E-7869 will be more potent than other agents, such as COX-2 inhibitors, that are being studied in colon cancer or have recently been approved by FDA for use in FAP patients. Dr. W. J. Wechter, Chief Scientific Officer for EPI, states "If the Min mouse model proves an accurate predictor in human disease, then E-7869 may be a 'curative' therapy in man preventing the progression of disease without any of the gastrointestinal side effects associated with drugs of this class."

The April 15 issue of Cancer Research will report a paper entitled "E-7869 (R-flurbiprofen) Inhibits Progression of Prostate Cancer in the TRAMP (Transgenic Adenocarcinoma Mouse Prostate) Mouse". This report of the use of E-7869 in an androgen-dependent mouse model of human prostate cancer demonstrates the unique anti-cancer and anti-metastatic activity of E-7869. In this publication, EPI reports that E-7869 not only reduced the incidence of the primary tumor of the prostate, but also significantly decreased the incidence of metastatic disease in the lymph nodes and lung.

Encore Pharmaceuticals is currently in active discussions with multiple US and European based pharmaceutical companies to partner the development and commercialization of E-7869.


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