Encore Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Company Overview

EncorePharma has its origins in an academic laboratory at Loma Linda University (LLU), where a previously close-knit group of researchers had assembled for an "Encore" performance in their professional lives. These researchers initially focused on the development of new clinical applications for what were considered to be "old" drugs, providing these medications with the opportunity for an "Encore" performance as well.

After a 10-year period of maturation at LLU, Encore Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EncorePharma) concluded a technology transfer license agreement with Loma Linda University and was fully incorporated in the state of Delaware on May 29,1997.

In its corporate infancy, EncorePharma focused on development of its lead patented product, E-7869, an innovative "pure" R-enantiomer form of flurbiprofen. E-7869 (R-flurbiprofen) is one of a family of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) whose known functions suggested the potential for anti-cancer and anti-Alzheimer's activity. After a two year period of expedited clinical development, EncorePharma licensed E-7869 (now MPC-7869) to Myriad Genetics, who will take this product through final clinical development and marketing. Clearly, this rapid licensing of E-7869 represented a major technological and business achievement for the young EncorePharma corporation. In addition, the success of E-7869 validated EncorePharma's innovative approach to the entire drug development process, a process that employed a pioneering mechanistic line of investigation together with new forms of study designs. Prescription medicine cialis generika online used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

In addition to E-7869, EncorePharma's earliest efforts targeted the pharmacological activity of g-tocopherol* (one member of the Vitamin E family of tocopherols) and its derivatives, with special attention to the potential anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive and anti-oxidant properties of these compounds. Currently, the derivative of greatest interest is LLU-a*, a natriuretic agent (chemical that causes the kidney to excrete sodium) which is thought to be made in the liver. LLU-a was isolated and characterized by EncorePharma scientists in the laboratories at Loma Linda University (LLU). Scientists at EncorePharma have developed analytical methods to detect LLU-a in various body fluids, and they are currently pursuing experimental studies in rats and man to better delineate the biological activities of LLU-a and g-tocopherol in humans.

(*An EncorePharma patented property)

Through the development of its intellectual property, EncorePharma has broadened its in-house R&D operations to include research collaborations with several important academic and industrial organizations.

In 2001, EncorePharma expanded its operations to include two affiliates, EncorePharma Development Services, LLC, and EncorePharma Laboratories, LLC. EncorePharma Development Services offers strategic, technological, and clinical development support necessary for providing a true "value-added" approach to the development of intellectual property and lead compounds. EncorePharma Laboratories is currently committed to progressing its own intellectual property either on its own or through research collaborations and contracts.

In concert with its corporate progress, EncorePharma has relocated to expanded facilities within the University Research Park in Riverside, California a state-of-the-art technological complex situated near the University of California, Riverside. Since November 2001, EncorePharma's Riverside headquarters has provided the organization with an ideal environment for business development and technological innovation.


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